Security 2.0

The Security 2.0 feature is an enhancement to the existing AllJoyn Security.

The goal of the Security 2.0 feature is to allow an application to validate access to secure interfaces or secure objects based on policies installed by the owner. This feature is part of the AllJoyn Core library. It is not an option for the application to enforce permission. It is up to the user to dictate how the application performs based on the access control lists (ACLs) defined for the application. The AllJoyn Core Permission Management component does all the enforcement including the concept of mutual authorization before any message action can be taken.

The Security Manager is an optional service that helps the user with key management and permission rules building. Using policy templates defined by application developer, the Security Manager builds the application manifest to let the user authorize which interactions the application can do.

Phil Nguyen is the primary design document maintainer.

Security Manager Release Planning

Weekly Meetings

The Security 2 project of the AllSeen Alliance Core Working Group held weekly calls to discuss status, technical details and triage during the development phase of the feature. The weekly meetings were suspended in Nov 2015 as the team felt a meeting dedicated to the topic is no longer needed.

To request a topic be added to the agenda for an upcoming call, send an e-mail to the core working group mail list.

Ad hoc technical discussions will be scheduled as needed if the topic cannot be covered in a regularly scheduled core working group call. Monitor the core working group mail list for announcements.


Schedule Documents

Feature Matrix

High Level Design Documents

    • Note: Revision 1 update 6 is locked for the Security 2.0 release as part of the Core 15.08 release tracked in JIRA linked here.
  • Use the following process to add comments and/or making changes to the HLD
    • Submit comments/questions to the Core WG mail list with the subject prefix [Security 2.0]
    • Once there is resolution make the proposed changes to the HLD following the alliance webdocs process
    • Additional comments are captured through the gerrit approval process
    • Note: Once a proposed change is approved, a request must be sent to the documentation mail list ( to have the web site updated.
  • To make updates, follow the alliance documentation process detailed here
    • View the source documentation using this link
    • Use git to access the documentation via gerrit (one time action)
    • To view and edit the documentation use the following commands.
      • Sign in using your AllSeen Aliance credentials
      • Select `clone with commit-msg hook`
      • Select `HTTP`
      • Use the provided git clone command to download the webdocs project

Archived versions

Newly Proposed Interface Descriptions For IRB Review

Outdated Interface Descriptions

Security Manager Documentation

Test Documents

Technical Meeting Minutes

Status Meeting Minutes

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